7 Days to an Organized Home

7 Days to an Organized Home

Home organization can easily feel like an overwhelming task. Admit it. If you’ve let cleaning slide (and, hey, we all get too busy at times), it can be difficult to know even where to start to get organized again.

The good news is: home organization can be easy.  One of the keys to success is have a plan that breaks a huge undertaking into small, manageable steps. Here at Modular Closets, our specialty is the modular approach to custom closets, which makes creating a beautiful plywood closet system super simple by breaking the process down into easy, bite-size steps. We love helping people transform their homes and their lives by creating storage solutions that make home organization a breeze.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step way to get your home organized, try this 7-day plan. If you can devote a couple of hours each day, you could be done in a week.  And if you don’t have that much time, you could turn these into weekly steps and still be done in less than 2 months:

1. The Bedroom

As your mother may have told you, it’s always a good idea to start by cleaning your room.

Start with bed itself and make sure it’s made (you may even want to change the sheets). Dust surface areas and clean the floor – don’t forget to get under the bed! Wipe down walls, windows, and lights.

Last but not least – make sure to organize your closet.  Now could be the best time to go through and donate, sell, or trash the things you have and never use.

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2. The Living Room

Because it’s where everyone comes to gather and relax, the living room is prone to get cluttered quickly.

Begin cleaning my clearing up the clutter. Collect any out-of-place items in a laundry basket for later redistribution. Dust the furniture and sweep and mop the floor. Pay attention to the upholstery and curtains, and wash them if necessary.  Check your windows (you especially want to be sure any big picture windows are clean) and maybe spot-clean the walls if necessary.

3. The Kitchen

The main cause of kitchen grime is: grease.  To combat grease effectively, make sure you move small appliances off the countertops before you begin.

To start, clean the countertops and sink. Then sweep and mop the floor. Next focus on wiping down the cabinets, appliances, and windows.  Don’t forget to empty out the refrigerator. 

Now would also be a good time to address your pantry situation and make sure you have enough shelves, drawers, and dividers to organize all the kitchen tools and food you want to keep.

4. The Bathroom

Because of mold and mildew, bathrooms can be unpleasant to clean.  At least they are typically small rooms and can be done in one fell swoop! 

Start with the sink, making sure to wipe down all the fixtures and to sanitize the seams where the sink meets the counter. Then, clean the counter, the bathtub, and the toilet. Next, mop the floor.

If you encounter stubborn mold, try mixing one-part bleach with one-part warm water for a strong cleaning solution.

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5. The Guest Room

Often a rarely-used room, a guest room can easily become a haven for extra storage.

You’ll want to clean up the guest room the same way you would any bedroom.  However, you also want to pay attention to your storage needs.  You may have been holding on to items that it’s time to clear away. 

Now could be a good time to add extra storage solutions to your guest room so there’s plenty of space for both your extra belongings and your guests.

6. The Entryway / Garage

The garage or other main entryway into your home will typically get cluttered with everyday items, as it’s tempting to just drop stuff down as you enter and exit.

You’ll want to start by clearing out the clutter, returning items to where they belong or deciding you’ll need to create new storage solutions for those things you want to keep right by the door. Pay attention to the floors and walls of a garage or entryway as these can get especially dirty with all the traffic in and out.

7. The Dining Room

Last but not least, if you have a formal dining room, it may not get used too frequently, but it still should be maintained.

Start by dusting all the surfaces and wiping down all the tables and chairs. Clean the floors and windows and check the upholstery for any stains.

If you keep a liquor cabinet or wine fridge in your dining room, don’t forget to clean that too. If it seems right, go ahead and pour yourself a drink - -after all this cleaning, you deserve a little celebration!

Once your home is organized, one of the easiest ways to keep it that way is to incorporate storage solutions, like custom closets. When you have a closet system in place, all your belongings have a designated space to go.  Here at Modular Closets, our plywood closet systems are not only superior in quality, but they also come with an easy order and DIY installation process because keeping your home organized should not be hard.

For a free closet design, check us out online!


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