Dream Closets: How to Achieve Home Organization Throughout Your Entire House

Dream Closets: How to Achieve Home Organization Throughout Your Entire House

Do you dream of personalized custom closets that go beyond the basic one-hanging-rod closet systems that are standard in most homes? Many people believe dream closets are only for the rich and famous - but that’s no longer true. Home organization with custom closets can and ought to be for everyone!

Here at Modular Closets, we appreciate the fact that homeowners want to be fiscally responsible. That’s why we create closet systems that look and feel luxurious but can be purchased and installed at affordable prices.

If you have a tight budget, you may believe that it would be impossible to afford even one custom closet, let alone multiple custom closets throughout your house. However, the modular approach to a closet system pioneered by Modular Closets can turn your custom closet dreams into reality.

If you want know how to improve your home organization with customized dream closets throughout your house and do so without spending a lot of money, here’s where you should focus:

1. A Dream Master Bedroom Closet for the Happy Couple

If you’re ready to take your daily routine to the next level, you need a custom closet in your master bedroom - ideally one designed to meet the needs of both people who live and sleep there.

Often, creating a custom closet for two means figuring out how to best divide the available space so that both people get the storage solutions they need. For example, one person might need extra drawers to store accessories while another may need a belt rack or tie rack.

Also, consider your design preferences: do you like a space that looks symmetrical or whimsical, minimalist or plentiful. Make sure the design suits you both.

2. Kid’s Room – Organization Hero

You can start teaching children the benefits of organization at an early age by incorporating a closet system into the kid’s room.

With a system of drawers and hanging rods at multiple levels, you can put everyday items within easy reach while storing less frequently used items at a parent’s height. Let your children start by taking responsibility for a small section of the closet and then expanding that responsibility as they grow.

Modular Closets

3. Kitchen Delights

A kitchen can easily become a cluttered mess with an abundance of food in storage as well as all the utensils and tools needed to prepare, eat, and clean-up after meals.

By adding extra shelves and/or drawers, you can maximize the space you have available in your kitchen, creating a designated space for every item so that it’s easy to get and stay organized.

4. Super-Charged Productivity in Your Home Office

In order to make the best use of the time you have available in your workday, you don’t want to waste time having to search for important documents, files, and papers.

Creating a clean workspace can add a feeling of calm so you feel charged-up to be your productive best.

5. Make an Entrance

Set the tone of a clean, organized home from the moment you walk through the door by incorporating storage solutions in the entryways of your home.

Begin with the door you enter and exit from most, and consider how you could add a system of shelves and drawers so that you know exactly where to put bags, shoes, jackets, keys, mail etc.

Your dream closet solution for every room in the home starts with a FREE closet design!

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