Christina's Corner // Introducing the Modular Hamper

Christina's Corner // Introducing the Modular Hamper

Hands down, my least favorite thing about laundry is when the basket ends up in an awkward space either in the closet or out in the room. This may just be me, but I think it’s an eyesore and super inconvenient. And it also makes it very easy for the less-organized people in our lives to just throw their clothes in the direction of the basket. 

I will choose not to get into that too much because that is THE pet peeve of mine. [The basket is right there, I don’t understand what’s so difficult] 

Anyway, there needs to be a better option and, you guess it, Modular Closets has the answer! Pull-out laundry baskets that you can install into your system! This is perfect for your closet and your laundry room! 

The baskets can detach from its holder and you can carry your bags out of the closet or laundry room with no hassle. This will keep all of your clothes in one spot and will decrease the urge to throw them everywhere -Theoretically. Some people can’t be helped. 

By installing them into your laundry room, you also have a space to sort your laundry for your family! The accessory comes with two bags and if you have multiple kids who can’t quite do their own laundry yet, all you have to do is assign them a bag! They can then pick up their bag to fold and put away. This can help you combine loads for quicker wash times. 

If you really wanted to get creative, you could probably install this in a garage unit to store toys or equipment. The possibilities are endless! 

The best part about this hamper is that it slides in and out of your system so that it’s never in the way and always accessible! It also has the same soft-close technology that our cabinets do so you never have to worry about slamming it. 

There are so many benefits that come from installing a Modular system! Literally, any number of features and accessories can make your life just that little bit easier.  I highly recommend you hop over to to check them out! 

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