Christina's Corner // Solid Shelves Were Made For Laundry Rooms

Christina's Corner // Solid Shelves Were Made For Laundry Rooms

One of the biggest trends in laundry room organization is open shelving. Once upon a time, there was an idea that you had to hide all of your cleaning products and containers. So, many laundry rooms were built with chunky, closed-off, cabinets that hid all of the essentials. But, with the Pinterest Age, we have discovered how to make those detergent bottles disappear and create a space that is equally functional and pleasing to the eye. 

Find a Storage System that Works For You

When looking for shelving options for your laundry room, I highly recommend Modular Closets and their customizable systems. My favorite option is the solid shelves. They create the perfect space to display whatever you want in whatever room you want. In the laundry room, you can easily display your laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and even a piece of artwork. The shelves are completely adjustable so you can fit whatever items you need to in the storage unit without worrying about height. 

Style and Function at it’s Best

The solid shelves also create that open-storage aesthetic that will elevate your space and give you luxury at a fraction of the cost. But, even if you don’t want to have all open shelving, these shelves easily pair with our sleek cabinets and drawers that can give you plenty of space to hide the items you don’t want the world to see, and trust me, with a laundry room that organized, you are going to want to show it off. 

How to Organize Solid Shelves 

Speaking of organizing, here are a few tips to keep those solid shelves organized:

  • Make sure everything has a space. If everything in your laundry room has a designated spot, then it will be easy to put it back in its place when you are done using it. 
  • Use bins and other organizing tools. If you have smaller items that tend to look cluttered, find containers that match your style and store them on the solid shelves. They are very sturdy and can handle it! 
  • Don’t overcrowd your shelves. By taking a minimalistic approach, you can avoid the clutter and maintain a less chaotic space. 
  • Use your label maker! These shelves are so easy to label. This is my favorite thing about these solid shelves. There is a space on the front of the shelf that is perfect for a label. Take advantage of this and keep yourself organized. 

Don’t forget to make the space your own as you organize. Yes, we can all get Pinterest-envy, but remember that your laundry room needs to function for your specific needs. How do you organize your laundry room shelves? What works best for you? I want to hear from you! For more content from me, check out my blog here! Also, don’t forget to follow Modular Closets on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more on their company, products, and people!

Happy Organizing!

-Christina Giaquinto. 

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