Spring Cleaning: The Pantry Protocol

Spring Cleaning: The Pantry Protocol

Spring has officially sprung, and Christina has got you covered from top to bottom this week! And it’s all about your pantry. 

Spring is the time of year where we allow new energy to enter our lives—and that includes your pantry. Take some time to be grateful for the food we store in our pantry’s, as well as the people it nourishes daily. Then, get to work! 

But First, Clean! 

Now is the best time to do a deep clean of your pantry. Empty everything out and scrub it all down with this homemade cleaner.  
Homemade Cleaner: 
  • Vodka and Water: 3/4 cup vodka.
  • 1/4 cup water
I used this when I cleaned private jets, so I promise you this works wonders! 
You can add a few drops of essential oils to make it smell extra good. Some essential oils such as lemon and eucalyptus are a great disinfectant. I highly recommend these 100% pure and natural essential oils:

Wipe, Line, Repeat 

Since everything is empty this is a great time to add shelf liners. Liners protect the base of your pantry and if crumbs and dust collect it will be very easy to clean off the liner while still protecting the pantry shelf. They are generally inexpensive and last a long time. 
Note: Not all liners are created equally so make sure your liner is non-toxic.  

Focus on your Health

This is the perfect time to focus on your health. Take note of the unhealthy items you want to de-clutter from your life and add space for the healthy items you wish to have. Intention is key. If your goal is to live a healthy lifestyle you can organize your pantry to reflect that.
I hope this helps you with your Spring Cleaning! Be on the lookout for more Spring Tips coming your way every week this month! If you have any additional questions about organization, you can reach me at christina@modularclosets.com. 
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If you missed my last blog post, you can read it here! Happy Organizing!    
-Christina Giaquinto 

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